MVEDC Business Spotlight


Niles – Trumbull Metal Specialties

“Our commitment is to establish a close relationship with our customers to help identify their particular needs in order to choose the best solution together.” – Corey Jarvis

In October 2008, Corey Jarvis opened Trumbull Metal Specialties (TMS). TMS focuses on medium to heavy industrial application in markets related to steel mills, industrial equipment, mining, construction, material handling, metal reclamation, and energy generation.

Mr. Jarvis has a history in the industry that dates back over 15 years. When he started, he took a risk by strategically selling his product at a low cost in order to get him in the door with customers. From there, he was able to build his business as well as to begin to charge higher prices, thus increase his margins. The company is highly leveraged due to the start-up in nature and rapid growth.  TMS will continue to operate in its existing facility and will utilize the new building for expansion due to the demand for his product and physical capacity at his current location.

Key Bank and MVEDC assisted in the financing to renovate the former manufacturing plant located at 49 W. Federal St. in Niles, OH. Trumbull Metal Specialties will occupy the facility and anticipates hiring at least 5 new employees due to the expansion.